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You are invited to attend our first TechTeach session which will focus on AI and Chat GPT in the Classroom.

TechTeach is an upskilling programme delivered by the Software Alliance. It aims to support Computing teachers to keep up to date with the technology sector, its various disciplines, and the career opportunities that exist within it.

Covering topics from AI and Chat GPT to Cloud and Cyber Security, the programme will inform and empower teachers to bring these technologies to life in the classroom and prepare their students for their development and application in the working world. Delivered monthly by Software Alliance member companies, the sessions will feature an overview of the chosen topic, an industry case study, and a spotlight on real-life career opportunities in that area.

TechTeach is a 50/50 partnership between the Software Alliance member companies and education which aims to build teacher confidence and contextualise the area of computer science to boost the uptake of the subject and the career prospects of their pupils.

Our first session will take place on Tuesday 3 October at 3.30pm and will introduce teachers to AI and Chat GPT in the Classroom.

The upcoming schedule of TechTeach sessions:

3rd Oct - Introduction to AI and Chat GPT in the Classroom

7th Nov – Cyber Security

5th Dec – Metaverse


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